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Why you should build a website now!

Much of these advancements are in the digital world with more online users than ever before. A report by an agency in New York found that an average internet user between the age of 16 to 64 spend almost 7 hours online per day. Think about it, simple daily tasks like buying groceries have been converted online since it’s much easier to purchase with a click of a button and have it delivered to your home.

And yet, surprisingly, there are many businesses that don’t leverage their online presence and more shockingly, some don’t even have an online presence which leaves them at even greater disadvantage that slows down business growth and might even put the business at risk.

So, what do we mean by an online presence? and why is being online important for your business?

Let me take you back to January 1, 1983, the date many consider as the formal birth of one the most astonishing technologies of all time that would later change our lives forever, the Internet. This revolutionary tool that has changed our communication means and brought the world closer through globalization.

Sure, 20 years ago, we wouldn’t be discussing any online presence but in the age of internet, having an online presence can be one of the main success factors of a business and one of the main revenue generation channels. Having an online presence means that your business has a digital footprint that is accessible through the internet. An online presence can be in different forms such as websites or social platforms like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn etc.

Although presence in social platforms or online marketplace is very beneficial for your business, a website is by far the best representation of a business’ online presence. According to Forbes, there are 7 main reasons you should build a website today!


The first reason is credibility. Have you ever interviewed someone for a job? Or maybe you’ve been interviewed for a position yourself? What is the first thing you read when you look up interview preparation online? I used to coach people on interviews and 9 out 10 would pass the interview effortlessly, and the first advice I would always give is that the first 30 seconds are arguably the most important part of the interview. Why, you ask? Because that’s when the interviewer makes the first impression of you! Similarly, your website is a representation of your business, having a neat, clean and modern website gives a good impression and builds trust with the customers. Without a website, customers may even question the authenticity of your business.

Having a unique brand 

Branding is another purpose your website would serve. Having a unique brand will set you apart from your competitors and a website is the best way to showcase your brand.

We already mentioned increasing revenues through generating leads, a website is a great platform for your customers to reach out to you. The more recognizable your website is by the search engine, the more leads you will generate!

Organic traffic

Organic traffic is the fourth reason you should build a website that is ranked high on search engines. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) makes your website more visible which attracts organic traffic away from ads, your customers will come to you.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

You can build a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page on your website and this will save you a lot of time and headache from the redundant customer questions. 

Connect with your customers on regular basis

Add a newsletter and connect with your customers on regular basis! Your website is Live and you can continuously update it, consider having access to a good content management system (CMS)to ensure you push your content through regularly and connect with your customers!

Make data driven decisions

And last but not least, use your analytics, and make data driven decisions. Your website will tell you where you are doing well and what you are lacking. An expert in digital marketing can help you grow your business 10 times faster with the data your website provides.

Technology will only continue to fascinate us and if you’re not catching up then you’re definitely falling behind. A website is an intrinsic part of the business in today’s world and I highly recommend you build one if you don’t have one already or if you do consider reviewing and developing your website regularly.